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NWA Real Estate Interest Rate Whoa’s? Interest Rate Woes – stay with me to the end (it’s a long one) The average interest rate on a 30-year, Fixed Rate Mortgage climbed to a 7.09% last week according to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae placing it at its highest point since 2002.  Keep in mind that this is an average when accounting […]
NWA Real Estate Floor vs Ceiling: Weekly Wire with Drew Floor vs Ceiling In terms of Yields we often discuss the floor vs the ceiling in relation to Mortgage Rates.  This is a result of the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) targeting the Federal Funds Rate as a primary tool to conduct monetary policy.  Fed Funds rate is a rate with a very short maturity […]
NWA Real Estate Market Recap May 2023 The real estate market is a crazy place to live. So every month, we gather up the latest numbers and give them to you straight. This month’s Market Update takes a look into the median house price in Northwest Arkansas and what that means for you! Look over these slides and feel free to contact […]
NWA Real Estate Debt Ceiling Effects on Mortgage Rates Debt Ceiling Effects on Mortgage Rates The biggest news currently with regards to the economy and the market is of course the Debt Ceiling Debate.  The rates in regards to mortgages have certainly seen struggles over the last 2 weeks due to this debate and the fact that we are drawing closer to a deadline with a […]
NWA Real Estate Is 10 the lucky number we’ve been waiting on? The Wire – w/ Drew Today marks Number 10 in the consecutive rate increase battle with the FED.  This comes fresh on the heels of government data showing that U.S. economic growth slowed over the first three months of this year and amidst the recent collapse of First Republic bank which was number 3.  Yes, inflation has […]
NWA Real Estate How Much Can Change In A Week! Wednesday Wire on Friday – w/ Drew It has been a crazy week here at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Journey, hence the “Friday.” But don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you! Last week we were on a downturn in interest rates as multiple Economic Reports released showing a continuous but slow drop in […]
NWA Real Estate Leading The Way To “Be Better.” Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Journey is more than just a real estate company, we are a part of the community. We believe that community involvement is key to building strong, thriving neighborhoods where people want to live, work, and play. That’s why we’re proud to be a leader in community involvement, while sticking […]
NWA Real Estate Sigh of Relief as Inflation Calms Wednesday Wire – w/ Drew 04/12/2023 This week all eyes are of course on the release of multiple economic reports, primarily the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This report has carried more importance over the past year than any other time as it is one of the most direct reflections of Inflation. Other reports include the ISM Manufacturing […]
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